Quick Guide

Use this 25LivePro Quick Guide to request room space at Michigan State University. The steps below cover the following features: Login to 25LivePro, Help, View Available Rooms, Schedule a Room Request, Edit, and how to Log off.

Before you begin:

  • Recommended browsers: Before logging in, the browser preference is Firefox or Google Chrome.
    Internet Explorer (9 or higher) can be used but the Compatible View must be turned on or the user will be unable to log in. For the MAC, Safari and Firebox are both supported.
  • View room availability: To view the availability of a room, you can view the rooms without signing in to the system. However, if you want to request a room then you would need to click on the sign in link.
  • For more information: Additional information about 25LivePro can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

Login to 25LivePro

  1. To access 25LIVEPRO, go to: https://25live.collegenet.com/msu/
    This will take you to the Registrar’s Office room scheduling software entitled 25LivePro.


  1. For help when using this system, 25LivePro provides On-Line help. Just click on the Help button at the top right corner. Also at the top of the 25LivePro tab are various resources for getting assistance with 25LivePro.

View available rooms

  1. When you access 25LivePro at https://25live.collegenet.com/msu/ the screen that displays is the 25LivePro Dashboard which allows you to search for an event, location, or resource. You can do any of these searches without logging into the 25LivePro system. If you want to request a room, you would need to click the Sign In link at the top of the page.
  2. To Search for a Location: Under Quick Search in the Search Locations text box, key in the building (e.g. Computer Center). Click Go.
  3. A list will display of available rooms in that building. Click the Availability page tab.
  4. Click on the desired room from the list that displays. Then click the Availability page tab again. This will show you the usage/availability of the room.
  5. At this point you can either Sign In to request the room or you can exit the system by closing your browser.

Schedule a room request

  1. To access 25LIVEPRO, go to: https://25live.collegenet.com/msu/
  2. Click Sign In (located at the top right hand corner of the page).
  3. Log in with your MSUNet ID and Password.
    You can either search for an available room location (see steps above) or if you know the room is available, then you can do the following steps to request the room.
  4. To request a room, click the Create an Event button.

This section has five (5) required fields you need to complete to request a room. They are: *Event Name, *Event Type, *Primary Organization, *Date and Time, and *Expected Head Count. There are optional fields you can fill out, but only the required fields must be done before you can submit your request.

Step 1 - *Event Name

  • In the Event Name dialog box, fill in a name for your event (e.g. Marketing Meeting).

Choose a name that is understandable to others. Avoid acronyms when possible. 40 character limit.

Step 2 - *Event Type

  • Select one of the Event type options. This is the activity type that best relates to the event you are requesting. When in doubt, select “Meeting.” The selected type will appear in the column on the right. 120 character limit.

Step 3 - *Primary organization for this event

  • Search for your organizational or department name. Searches can be performed by entering the full name or a portion of the name (e.g. Registrar). Select the appropriate organization name from the “Choose from...” field.
    The selected organization name will appear in the column on the right.
  • Note: Additional organizations can be added below.
  • Click NEXT.

Step 4 - *Date and time

  • Enter the date and time for the event. Select a date by clicking the calendar icon. Then type the start time into the corresponding field. This information along with expected headcount, and location preferences will be used by the schedulers to finalize your request.
  • Note: Use this dialog box to schedule “Event Repeats” or all event dates and times under the “Occurrence List.”
  • Click NEXT.

Step 5 - *Expected head count

  • Enter the number of seats required for your event. This information will be used by the schedulers to finalize your request.

Step 6 - Event location

  • If you did not view available rooms prior, then you can search for a desired event location by keying the space name into the search field and clicking “Search” (e.g. Bessey). You can search and select your location by using the name of the space (e.g. EBH), the building name and room number (e.g. EBH 214). The search field is not case sensitive.
    Note: It is strongly recommended that you pick a required location.

Click NEXT, then FINISH. You will receive a message “This event has been successfully saved.
Once the event request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email within two business days.

Edit a request

There are various methods. When creating the request, use the Previous and Next buttons to edit any screen; if you just clicked the FINISH button, then click on the EDIT button in the screen that displays; or if you are completely logged out, then SIGN IN and in the Home page screen, click on the event link under “Your Events.”

Note: If you need to cancel your room request, contact the Registrar’s Office at reg@msu.edu or call (517) 355-4522.

Log off

Click the CLOSE button in your browser.